An April Fool’s Fantasy

Today I reached my 90th hour of Final Fantasy XII International: Zodiac Job System. I reached it upon completion of the 90th floor of the Pharos at Ridorana or whatever. The big-ass lighthouse near the end of the game.

This game I’ve been playing since Christmas, when Mrs. Claus (my wife) gave it to me. So that’s a little over four months. It takes dedication to slowly chip away at a game like this for four months. Or does it? Maybe it just takes a really epic game. As I said, this game is epic cuz i play it.

The International Zodiac Job System version is different from the Original version in many ways. For me, the chief difference was that the voice acting is in English, which is nice, considering I had to play the original all the way through in Japanese. That is not the main difference, however “International” the game becomes after this very fair, but naturally altered dubbing.

First and foremost, the job system overshadows everything because you must pick a class for each of the six main characters. Not a “class” as in Magic 101, Spells for the Feeble-Minded Sword Wielder, but classes such as Knight, White Mage, Black Mage, Time Mage, Hunter, Archer (aw hell, let’s list them all), Samurai, Basher, Monk, Red Mage, and Machinist (shit there’s one more I can’t remember). Oh yes, and the choice is irreversible, too, so you will be locked into a certain pool of available weapons and abilities for the rest of the game.

Needless to say, it’s a fucking important (and nerve-wrecking) decision to make. You thought choosing which Espers to bind to each character in the original was hectic? Some class abilities can’t even be accessed until you swear an Esper’s loyalty to them and bridge the gap on the license board.

Did what I say right now make any fucking sense to you at all? If you haven’t played this game, there is no possible reason that it should. But you should! Play this game, that is; the Original, that is! The Original is mad easy compared to this one. Plus, you can only buy this one in Japan, and still lots and lots of it is in Japanese.

But it’s basically the greatest game ever made. Just thought I’d let you know. More later, I hope.

-Luca Uzi Claus K


2 Responses to “An April Fool’s Fantasy”

  1. t Says:

    think that’s what ill play after i beat FFXIII, which i am thoroughly enjoying. hell maybe ill play the saga backwards or something! ive also been playing iphone FF2 (PSP version) which is pretty fun. i just took a chocobo ride and when is that ever not fun?? a side note, ive played enough of these goddamn things to know that when i hear the music to FFX!!! in the future its going to remind me of this time of my life.

  2. amerikuidaore Says:

    That’s awesome, man — I’ve got a game of FFI on the iPhone where I’m doing an all monk party… but I lose interest in it, and it’s basically a last resort when I’m out of DS batteries and Phil Hendrie episodes.

    I really hope you play XII after you’ve thoroughly enjoyed XIII.

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