Mysterious Swordy Ass Mangler

So, I just spent about two hours fighting Gilgamesh in FFXII — you may remember him from such games as Final Fantasy V, VIII, and others. He appears in FFXII as a bounty hunt. He is one of the stronger in the game, though no where near the fabled Yiazmat (who is supposed to have something like 60,000,000 HP).

The challenge of Gilgamesh lies in his status attacks — he has a level 3 Don’t Attack and a level 2 Sleep which means if your level is a multiple of 3 or 2, those attacks will hit. Not being able to attack means not being able to use items, or magic, or anything else. Falling asleep is just annoying, especially when all three active party members do it.

What I did to overcome this menace was in the accessories and gambits — I gave my White Mage the accessory that prevents Don’t Move (the blackbelt, I think?) and made her gambit to Esuna anyone else with Don’t Move. Someone else got the accessory that prevents Sleep and had a gambit programmed to wake everybody up with the wakeup item.

On a weird random note, I’m pretty sure that item’s name was 目覚ましい時計 (alarm clock) in the original, but in the International version, it’s some kind of mint or breath freshener or something (何か何か口づけ). Maybe it’s Black Black gum, who knows?

The Shock spell worked well, too.

God, that was a long battle.


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