Going in for the kill, Doing it for the thrill

Fought Cucchlain today — that is an esper from Final Fantasy XII. After an intolerable bout of opening and closing gates in the Rabanastre underground waterways, I was finally laid vis a vis with this asshole. He was not easy, either.

During this battle, all party members are being constantly sapped of their hit points at a fairly rapid-ass rate. I don’t recommend it. I turned up my White Mage’s Curaga from ally at less than 50% HP to ally at less that 70% HP. That means simply, that if anyone’s HP dipped below 70%, Panelo would Cure the fuck out of them.

Balthier, my Black Mage got to cast コラプス, which I think would be translated to “Corrupt.” It worked pretty well.

Vaan is my hunter, or “shikari” and was a good tank, though Vasch, my Dragoon had to bail him out a couple of times.

Fran was an okay time mage, and Asche was a good archer, but those two were pretty meh. I wish I still had Reddas in my team.

Only two more espers to go: Zodiarck and Ultima. I think I’m going to head on down to Giruvegan once I’m conscious again. It’s been a long day and an even longer night.

But I was able to play Super Smash Bros. last night, and that’s the only important piece of news I really have to report. Good night.


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