Thoughts on Smash

I would like to use this platform as a sounding board for articles which I hope one day to compile into the Book of Smash. The Book of Smash is a project I have talked about for years, and it goes like this.

350 years ago, Miyamoto Musashi, the greatest swordsman who ever lived, went up to the top of a mountain and wrote The Book of Five Rings — a manual on the theory of swordfighting. He wrote it in the most accessible text possible so that all might read his work. Today, it is read by businessmen and bankers, bushido-ists and philosophers, monks and maniacs, who all want a little insight on what it means to gain the advantage of battle.

I am convinced that the fighting of Super Smash Bros. is no less complex and applicable to the struggles of everyday life. If you can master Smash, there is no reason why you can not master your life.

Life is but a Timed Smash game… or is it stock?

How you live your life will obviously determine its outcome, and a round of Smash is no different.

This is the philosophy I hope to bring to the table with the Book of Smash. And while it would be cool to separate it into five “rings” as Miyamoto Musashi did, I will probably end up writing a hundred articles which will be compiled into the Book of Smash after my death.

But let us not dwell on that fateful day — let’s Smash!


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