Take This Bottle and Kiss Me Goodbye

Last night, after getting ridiculously drunk and lost in the Pharos for two hours, I was able to make my way out and make my last stand against the Archadian Empire once again, and this time we were successful.  When you finish Final Fantasy XII, two things happen.  One, I commence weeping like a little bitch, and two, you are able to begin a New Game +

This may be the greatest bonus that the International version has to offer.  A New Game + means you start a new game, and all of your dudes begin at level 90 (I finished this game with my dudes around their low 60’s).  This is going to be fun!  I absolutely love it when games offer a New Game + — Chrono Trigger did it, and that was nice of them, because otherwise it would have been difficult to see even half of the endings to that game.  I think the last Castlevania for the GBA also had this option.  I fucking love blazing through games with ridiculous levels — after first beating it legitimately, of course.

What this New Game is going to do is offer me a chance to try another set of job combinations — I probably won’t choose anyone’s job until the whole team is assembled, but at these levels, that should only take a couple of hours.  I want a save file that has all six characters ready to go, and ready for their job assignments. Somebody’s going to be able to use guns this time.

Later, I will take you through the neurotic process of choosing characters’ jobs.  For now, it’s time to get the band back together.


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