Hail to the King’s

And a miracle unto thee it was, and is, and ever shall be.

The first god damn computer game I ever played was King’s Quest. They didn’t call it “King’s Quest I” because it would have been too presuming that a sequel would naturally follow. I played this game on a PC Jr., one of the first personal computers to have a color display. 16 colors to be precise. And what do you know, it was fucking epic.

26 years later, I played it again, only on a far different setup. If you go to sarien.net you can actually play a whole bunch of early computer games made by the one and only Sierra — one of the most traditional game makers that ever existed.

I actually keep an ancient PC in my house. It gets turned on about twice a year — once when I get inspired to record music, and one when get struck with the mood to crack out on old school Sierra games. It runs Windows 98 and hasn’t been connected to the Internet for almost 10 years. It’s a horrible piece of shit, but we’ve stuck together because we need each other.

Today, I found a DOS emulator for the Mac which kicks the asses of all other game systems to be found on the premises. It plays Sierra games. It plays Lucasarts games. It plays everything for AGIs to CD-Roms, and it even imports any CD data you would otherwise need to have the disc in the drive for. The only catch is, it’s for DOS games exclusively. And that’s fine with me because the Sierra games all sucked in Windows (except Half-Life, but that’s different).

Here’s what I’ve successfully imported so far: King’s Quests IV, V, and VI, Quest For Glories 1, 3, and 4, and Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers. Holy shit, man — do you have any fucking idea how awesome any of those games that I just listed are? I would go through them all with you, but no. Check this out: I just double clicked the Gabriel Knight file and it opened, and now it’s running in the background!

It’s a fucking magic miracle, I tell you! And a dream. And a prayer. And yes, I own the original disc for this game.

The program is called Boxer, why don’t you get it?


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