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I made another impulse buy last night, and this really has to be the last one. I should probably not even touch money again until I get another paycheck, and today is my payday. And yes, I was highly intoxicated when I made the purchase, but the logic behind the purchase would still hold up had I been as straight as I am as I type this at the school where I am supposedly working.

What I bought was set of computer speakers. Remember how I told you that I keep an ancient computer around for playing Sierra games? Well, the speakers are the ones that came bundled with it 13 years ago, and they served me very well – Altec Lansings, I believe – two speakers and a subwoofer. A fine set used not only for the PC, but also for amplifying a host of walkmans, discmans, mp3 and minidisc players, keyboards and anything with a headphone jack. Yeah, well, they don’t work anymore. So I bought a new set of speakers because even though I think I’m finally about ready to trash the old PC which frankly takes up way too many billion acres of space, I still want to have a set of speakers in that room for listening to music. I have houseguests in a few days, they’ll be living in that room, and I want them to have those facilities, too.

So whilst crunked at the Yamada Denki, I came across them – fucking Final Fantasy speakers, I fuck with you not! They were part of a series of Elecom goods that have been branded with the Final Fantasy XIV logo and promise to provide the greatest performance for playing that crazy new online Final Fantasy. Well, I don’t know anything about that, but they were $40, compact, and most importantly, they said Final Fantasy XIV on them.

I just happened to be carrying a good amount of cash on me, so I dropped it.

They sound fucking great and I fell asleep listening to the Mother 3 soundtrack on them.


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