Emptying the Skytank

Can I be completely honest with you? I kind of want to stop playing Skyrim. It’s not that I’m sick of the game – I think the game is great, but dying sucks, and the laundry list of shit to do in that game is so incredibly long that I think I want to quit. I thought that the internally spun epic of Gunter the Orc would be enough to carry this quest well into the summer, while in fact, it’s probably going to take a spring, summer, and fall vacation right now and start up again in the winter. Don’t worry – I’ll still know how to play. The brute specializes in two-handed weapons for god’s sake – there’s not a lot to it. He levels in a way that makes it easier to idiotically charge headlong into battle and do power attacks and just cut everything down. Except vampires. Vampires have been fucking him up, even in werewolf form. Yeah… so, like bye Skyrim.

But hey, even before I left for the States, my greatest anticipation was to jump back into Final Fantasy XIII – it’s just sitting there at home now, waiting for me, unopened since I acquired it from my brother-in-law. Perhaps it’s my brother-in-law’s enthusiasm for Skyrim and the fact that he finished it just before he lent it to me that made me want to conquer it first thing, but as memetic macro Boromir says, “One does not simply get Skyrim out of the way.” I do not find it nearly as enjoyable or addicting as I did that first week I was trying it out. Now, even after getting a house and the ability to become one of those Skyrim hoarder weirdos, all I want to do is be engrossed in something else.

Is the timing right? What am I fucking up here? How can I be sure I won’t flake out on this game of FFXIII? Because that game is intense and the battle strategy will surely fuck my mind with an unmedicated boner. It will be a brand new game, complete with the 25-hour tutorial corridors. I am already fearful of being annoyed by Snow and Hope, and I wonder if my son will even be interested in watching me play it. I need a weekend and a case of beer and I need them now.


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