I want a PS Vita so motherfucking badly, and as soon as I get paid again, I’ma take some of that money and put it in a trust fund to secure one. With the coming price drop in Japan, I will need about $300 to accomplish what I hope to achieve with this system when you figure in the price of memory cards, casings, and of course, the software.

If you asked me to name a PS Vita title, I wouldn’t be able to, and I would probably make a guess like Winning Eleven? Because I really don’t know. I don’t even know if it plays PSP software, and if I had to guess there, I’d probably say no? The fact is, I am not interested in the Vita as a player of new games, nay, I champion the Vita for being the one system that I can play the PS1 Final Fantasy games any goddamn where I please. Remember, if you will, that the PS1 hosted Final Fantasies VII, VIII, and IX, all of which I hugely admire, even if some of that admiration had to be drawn out of me by a sickly compulsion to best what I once thought was the worst game of all. All of these games are for sale through Sony’s online store, and had I a Vita, I would have all three games in my pocket, ready for a long trip to the toilet where I just know I could level up some dudes, dudettes, or materia before the commencement of my next class. In the busy days of a two-job full-time worker with two kids, playing RPGs at home has become extremely difficult. Now that my oldest son is well into games, playing at home usually means Mario or Donkey Kong Country (more on this recreation at a later date), and the only truly me-time is on commutes and during breaks from work.

Holy shit, it’s snowing.

To be able to simply pick up and play at any time is such a draw for me, especially when it comes to RPGs. It makes me think that there is just that much more time in the world to buff-out my team, and I’d be a fool to waste all my precious time at home leveling when I could spread it out across home, train, lunch, and any other secreted free moments in the day. It’s been more than three years since I last played FFVII, and that means that another play is coming up. What better way to do it again than on a whole new platform at the beck and call of my own convenience? That game of FFIX that I started about seven years ago? Maybe it’s time to hit the reset button on that one. And VIII? A theory that I uncovered after finishing it the first time may make VIII the weirdest one of all, and thus the one that most deserves a second look. Fu-huh-huh-hucking shit chimneys. This is the only thing in my life that I absolutely love not being able to decide.

However, until I secure new employment, playing these games on this system remains a tasty dream out of reach, and not much else. A lantern to illuminate hope. My comfort at the end of a wearying journey. A final fantasy until the dream is realized.

The snow is fucking beautiful.


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