Skyrim Jobs with Jacqwhortz part II

I guess it’s just a good week for blogging about Skyrim. I’ve woken up every day this week at 5 a.m. to play it before work and it’s been nothing short of fucking bliss.

Where to begin? My save loaded in the Ratways as I had just gotten lost in them again in a half-assed attempt to learn the tunnels and practice my combat skills. I had killed some folks who were either Imperials or had robbed some Imperials, including one deaf woman who had locked herself in the closet. She was hostile, and I just finished her off because her existence seemed miserable and troubling. I got the hell out of the Ratways by retreating back through the Thieves Guild and out the secret passage.

My Markarth raid ended in pretty much a success the night before. I ended up slaying the apothecary from the shadows before taking all the neat potions and ingredients I could grab, and then breaking into the house of whoever it was Vex told me to rob, and I robbed them. Then I got the hell out, back to Riften, and had my little misadventure in the Ratway. My next targets were both in Solitude, but before I left, I broke into the house of Maven Blackbriar and stole some shit from her basement.

Up in Solitude, I found myself in all kinds of nooks of the city that provided some truly excellent scenery and I took pictures of them to admire later. It was half past five in the morning for my human player self, so I had less than an hour (or maybe a touch more) before I had to get ready for work. Some douche who said I should feel stupid for not knowing he was a Thane got robbed purely out of his insolence and stupidity for telling me he was a Thane, and soon it would be time to burglarize the house of my next target. I snuck inside when the house was locked and found what I was looking for after a bit of toggling in the quest menu. It should be noted that I also took an offer to clear out a cave of bandits for the jarl (actually his steward), knowing that I would be eligible to buy property in the city if I could get into his good graces. But that would come later.

Solitude, renowned for its view of Mt. Lonelydildo

I still had to meet Mercer Frey, current leader of the Thieves Guild up in some sanctuary north of town. It was not far, but I failed to make it there almost half a dozen times from various hazards best avoided. Wisps and a Wispmother haunted a stone monument, plus there were ice wolves and bears to worry about. I managed to slay one ice wolf with my binding dagger that sucked out the wolf’s soul and put it neatly into an empty soul gem I was carrying. Nice. When I made it to the sanctuary, I learned that it was actually a Nord burial structure, and that it would be full of traps. Also, I was to take the lead.

Frey unlocked the tomb and we descended into its torch-lit underground tunnels. Draugrs were everywhere. Luckily, he had a fire sword and I had some killer fire spells, and we were able to get deeper inside after a few oh-so-hairy skirmishes. We were after the woman who had purportedly murdered the previous leader of the Thieves Guild, and that she might be part of the Dark Brotherhood. Whatever she was into, it was clear that she must be pretty fucked up to hole up in a hall of the animated dead.


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