Right Said Red Dead Confection

Holy shit, I’d forgetten how fantastic Red Dead Redemption is. It’s one of those games from my 360 Degrees of Darkness era, and the games played on it can be hard to remember. It can be hard, man.

At first I thought I wanted to play GTA IV again. I was wrong. It’s funny because at the same time I was waiting to download and play GTA V, Rockstar was having a sale on the PSN and I got the complete Red Dead with all the DLC for like $10. I started the game to get past the intro, then played a whole shitload GTA V when it was finally released, and life went on. I’ve started no less than three new Final Fantasy games since then, a new game of Baten Kaitos (attempt #3 is well on, by the way… in fact.. maybe after I write this bullshit…)

Oh! Here’s an update, I guess. I turned a new number and on that day received a second PS3 controller, and it is a beaut (coloration more than appropriate for current game). It’s allowed me and Guy to play some incredible games together. More later, make a note.

Fuck, as I was typing this, my stagecoach was taking me across the land, there was a robbery on the side of the road, and fuck me if it doesn’t always happen like this, check it out.

So someone’s screaming about “treasure, it’s mine!” and there’s gunfire. As I dismount the coach and run over to the commotion, I discover two men shooting at a third man fleeing. Are they law? Sounds like their MO. So I wait to see their dots become badges (allies of the law) on my radar. They become red dots instead. They’re shooting at me. I lasso one, and when the other doesn’t stop shooting, I grab my revolver and plug him in the guts. It executes a fatality scene, which is just enough time for the other guy to untie the lasso and shoot my ass in the back. Or is it shoot my back in the ass?

It can be difficult playing as a good guy, and I’m going all out Paladin on this motherfucker. Marston 360 from back in the day would shoot damn near anyone on the road in broad daylight to loot their corpse. The dots often turned out to be badges in those cases, resulting in just as many, if not more dramatic capers than our current Golden reddened Boy John Lannister Marston, as I’m calling him. I guess. Anyway, there’s a thunderstorm on, so I’m out.



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